• Your brain can do exceptional things
  • Your brain can do exceptional things
  • Your brain can do exceptional things

Unlock Your Brain's Potential

"Total health is created by the balance, order, rhythm and harmony of the brain." Carmen Hamerski

What is neurofeedback? How can Neurofeedback help me?

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Carmen Wylie, Neurofeedback Therapist

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Carmen Hamerski (Carmen Wylie)

An impassioned healer, Carmen Hamerski's goal is to help people empower and train their bodies and minds through the non-invasive process of neurofeedback, thereby strengthening families and communities - promoting a healthy society via a natural, drug-free method. Through her private practice, public education and cross-referrals with other neurofeedbak therapists around the globe, she hopes to spread the word about neurofeedback as a powerful healing modality.

Homecoming for VeteransCarmen is proud to be a provider of Neurofeedback services to veterans through the Homecoming for Veterans program. For more information call me at 818.825.0335

Areas Of Specialization

Offering Neurofeedback to help address the symptoms of:

Some symptoms may be reimburseable by insurance with medical diagnosis.

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